06 March 2011

Less is More

Our usual thinking is more is good and less is no good. Give me, give me more.

But in I-Ching teaching,  41損 Decrease – Give, Invest, Less is Better it is not so.

When everyone gives out of his capabilities and wealth, the world become richer. The one giving also receive from the giving of the others. The giving does not mean lesser for me but rather more for me, because I also receive from the givings of others. This is how the open-source or open foundation work.

Here is the summary of the I-Ching 41 Decrease Teaching:

It is good to give what we have to others in needs at the right time for a good cause. We should not just hoard resources or money for ourselves. We control our anger when we have not and we restrain our desire when we continue to want more.

Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Complete our work and then help those we can and care for.
  2. Enrich others out of your capabilities and wealth but don’t put yourself at risks.
  3. Start a new business by yourself alone first. Hire and outsource the required expertise. Don’t form partnerships at the start.
  4. Less is good. Lesser waste, faults, sickness, pollutions are good and often better than just having more good things (with its toxins!)
  5. Be a gracious receiver of blessings too. The more you give the more you receive.
  6. Everyone giving and contributing results in a better and richer world when at the same time everyone also gains (more than he has given)!
Hope you benefit from this sharing.

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