06 March 2011

Ancient Chinese Version of Slow & Steady Win the Race

We are all familiar with the great race of the Hare vs the Tortoise. The moral of the story was “Slow and Steady win the race”.  There is an ancient Chinese version taught in I-Ching Hexagram 53 渐 Gradual – Steady Development .

This time, instead of tortoise, the wild geese is used.  Wild geese are loyal to their mates and they fly in group. There are good moral lessons from the flight of geese. But the ancient Chinese has its own own version of progress and moral lessons. The geese first landed on shore, then to rock,land, tree, hill and then the summit! Here they are:

Summary of the Hexagram 渐 Gradual – Steady Development
A long journey is completed by taking many small steps. We may feel the progress is slow, but by steady progressive movement in righteousness, we will reach final destination of great height and significance. We move from position to position. Make sure we choose the right positions. But we don’t stay put there forever but make the next move to progress. Don’t rush. Be teachable. Don’t break away from the group. Steadily, we grow and progress together.

Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Geese on shore but the young has danger. Young one needs to know who and what to follow.
  2. Geese on Rocks Eating Freely. Success comes gradually after much pursuing and work.
  3. Geese on Land – Shot down!. Don’t do your own thing. Work with others to accomplish shared goals.
  4. Geese on smooth branches. Be teachable, adaptable and agile.
  5. Geese on hill. Big goals can be achieved with steady gradual progress.
  6. Geese on summit. We are at the very top and can do anything. Maintain your grace and stay orderly. 
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