06 March 2011

Risk Management in Ancient Chinese Literature

Does the ancient Chinese people know about Risk Management?

Yes they do. In I-Ching, the hexagram 51震 Quake- Prepared & Recovery.
Below is a short summary of the teaching.

Summary on 51 Quake:
Be prepare for worse and other unseen events, then you can have the peace of mind even when the disaster happens. Develop this mental alertness and do proper risk management – find critical factors, plan recovery, implement, test and review regularly. Be prepared for the eventuality.

Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Prepare for Quake and there will be laughter later.
  2. Quake endangers. Run to safety first. Money comes later.
  3. Quake awakens. Put house in stable structure & order. Get organized.
  4. Quake exposes our flaws. Fix them up in good time before it is too late.
  5. Quake Proofing – Have righteousness at the center.
  6. Quake at neighbor. Be comforted that we are prepared and suffer not. But it is not the time for celebration. 
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