13 December 2010

10 Pointers for Coaching/Teaching

While searching through the net, came across a good article on "10 Pointers for Self-Discipline". It was written to the teachers and is in Chinese.  I think it applies to being a good leader in coaching or a good parent as well. Hence, I just summarize the main points as follow:

We must use our love, patience and sincerity to treat every student. Education is a science. Developing people is a fine arts. The ten pointers are (my version, not a literal translation):
  1. Concern for the Total Man. Not only about the student study performance, but also his emotions and moods.
  2. Give students time to change - step by step. They can't change immediately.
  3. Changing mindset and behavior needs patience, lots of patience. Mindset and behavior are like floods water. Blocked it and it rises higher and increases the pressure to overflow. The only way to release the pressure is to channel them to the right ways and it takes lot of patience.
  4. Everyone is a pearl inside a shell. It is the teacher job to help open the shell and let the pearl shines forth. Don't be prejudiced against anyone.
  5. Criticizing them openly in the class will only build up their rebellion against the teacher.  Be stingy in use of criticisms. Don't jump to conclusion too quickly. Don't ever be proud and contented to point out the lies of a student.
  6. Being strict in discipline is good. But too finding of faults is not good education. Sometimes, you need to learn of the arts of muddiness. 
  7. Good result comes from good learning style; a good learning style comes from a good class atmosphere, a good class atmosphere rise from the uprightness and it comes from good class leaders.
  8. Show more tolerance those that make mistakes. Be objective and fair. Address the issue and not attach the person.  Protect his self-esteem. Give time and opportunity for correction. Promote student self-reflection.
  9. Harsh education system produces impatient students. Reprimanding education produces obedient yes-only student. Opened, people-centered education produces students that can think independently and with insights.
  10. Students can accept teachers' criticisms and corrections. What they can't stand usually is the methods of criticism.

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