31 January 2021

The Secret of Xi JinPing's Wisdom - Ancient Chinese Literature & Philosophy

The rapid rise of China puzzled many people. The secret is actually in the Ancient Chinese Philosophies, history, and the wisdom of their leaders. We cite an example of Xi Jinping's speech on Cyber-security. 

Is ancient wisdom out-dated? Or are they still very much applicable in today's digital technological world? The answer is, "It depends." If it is the ancient Chinese philosophies and history and you are wise enough to see applicability. We take an example from the following report.

天天学习 | 关于网络安全,习近平用这句古语指明路径

The title is "Relating to Internet Security, Xi JinPing quoted this ancient saying to guide the way.

The quote is: “聪者听于无声,明者见于未形”

"The wise one listens even when there is no sound.
The discerning one sees it before the shape is formed."

The quote was used by Xi on 19 Apr 2016 Conference on Digitisation & Internet Security. Internet or Cybersecurity development approaches such ideals of correctly predicting, pre-warning, and knowing where the risks are and the types of risks, when will the risks happen, can then the proper defense be made to ensure security.  


Origin of the Quote:

The quote came from the History of China 史记 by Sima Qian 司马迁。 It was used by an advisor 伍被 to persuade the State King 刘安 not to rebel against the King. 

The Take-away:

1. The eternal wisdom of the Ancient Chinese. The keys of risks management, seeing the unseen, predicting the yet to happen, are applicable then and now.

2. The wisdom of Xi JinPing who applied it to the modern world.

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08 January 2021

How you can achieve Greatness in 2021

2020 has been a tough year. But the pandemic is still continuing into 2021. But values and principles do not change with time. Let us learn from the wisdom of the past, especially Ancient Chinese Wisdom that stands the test of time over 3000 years.

What is Greatness?

How to Become Great

How to Stay Great

How to Use Your Greatness

How to Measure

How to Handle Failures

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