06 March 2011

Encounter of “The End” Kind

In life, we encounters many things – people, things, happiness, sadness, separation and eventually the “The End” kind.

In I-Ching, there is a hexagram that is dedicated to this situation of life. It is the 44th Hexagram and rightly called Encounter. See I-Ching Part 47 44 姤 Encounter – Handle It Well. A short summary is at the end of the post.

What impressed me most is the Stage 6 top line which states

Encounter the horns. There is regret but no fault.上 九:姤其角,吝,无咎。

This is likely due to the fact that I have to attend the funerals of two brothers in Christ. They both went off suddenly. Still young, in their 50′s. Younger than me. All of us will finally encounter “The End” (of our life).  But by then, we will be too late to do anything to change our lives. We cannot say if only I have done this and that …. We can only do that now. We have to reflect and imagine what are the stories we want to hear from our friends and loved ones at our funerals.  (Stephen Covey in his Seven Habits Book Habit#2 Begin with the End in mind has such a proposal. Other people also made calls. The 7 Habits is a good book that I will recommend). We can’t change our past. But we can definite change our future by making the decisions and taking the actions now. What should you be doing or planning to do about your life? Who and what should matters to you? What should be of eternal and lasting value for you?

Here is a short summary of 44 Encounter:
An encounter for differences will create great impact. It must be for good purpose and doing things the right ways. We must be careful of seemingly harmless little evil. Man must select his wife carefully – not one that go after many man or one that is too manly.

Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Stay in the right way. Don’t be tempted into sin. (Encounter Temptation)
  2. Build ourselves up first before we try to influence others. (Encounter Bad Friends)
  3. Growth comes from challenges. Get help from good friend if possible. (Encounter Good Friends)
  4. Start networking and help people. (Encounter People).
  5. Quietly serving the people bring forth blessings from Heaven (Encounter blessings from Heaven).
  6. Reach one’s life end.  Reflect on one’s life now before we reach the end. Start doing them now. (Encounter the End) 
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