06 March 2011

Family & Trust according to I-Ching

Hexagram 37 of I-Ching is about “Family“. (See the complete list.)

The teaching is summarized as follows:
  • Ladies are in charge of family or home affairs. Men are responsible for external affairs, the career and business.
  • Each member of the family must know and play their roles well so that the whole family can prosper in wholeness. The society will be at peace.
  • Disciplines are the responsibilities of parents. They can get help but can not outsource to grand parents, maids or teachers completely.
Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Orderliness brings leisure.
  2. Play your role well.
  3. Discipline must be exercised strictly.
  4. Shared Goals and Harmonious Family brings great blessings
  5. Extend your concept of family to organization and to society.
  6. Trust is the glue that brings continued blessing.
The steps for building successful family and of organization are clearly layout. Trust begins with order, execution of the right roles, monitoring for conformance, ensuring shared goals, extending the family boundary into workplace and succeeds with propagation of trust.

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