06 March 2011

In Praise of Dummies

Zombie is death, lifeless, hopeless, unfeeling, care-less, indifferent, etc.

Dummies are different. 
  • Dummies are full of joy, life, and hope.
  • Dummies do not understand impossibility, fear, failures, cannot do.
    They do not suffer from the “analysis paralysis” disease of the smart people.
  • They are curious and will try at anything. Not knowing the complexity or know too much to not to try.
  • They subscribe to the principle of simplicity.
  • They believe in making complex thing simple so that their good friends, the child and the old people can enjoy the good things too.
  • They continue to strife for getting maximum benefits and minimum effort.
    That is the only way that can ensure the earth resources be productively used and cared for.
  • They enjoy making things for the dummies using the dummy golden rule of “max value at min effort” and hence makes a lot of profits along the way. 
BTW, as for profit making, so long as the objective and the methods are righteous, we should all strife to make maximum profits 一本万利, even 一本亿利 should be aimed for. Because, not making profit means we are destroying the value of the the total system. If there be 1% more productivity, we should go for it. Else there is waste and we should then channel the resources to others who could make better and more productive use of them.

  • Dummy does not understand compromises.
  • Dummy wants the cake and eat it too.
  • Dummy believes and want break through.
  • Dummy believes in you can win and I can win at the same time.
    This is also the true meaning of innovation. Don’t be tainted by the western idiotic thinking of either A or B. Dummy want A + B and if not C, the better way than A + B together.
Be a dummy and strife for the better world.
 See also 10 Design Rules for the Dummies.

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