Gui Gu Zi - Art of Strategic Alliances & Persuasions

Gui Gu Zi - The Text & Translation

  1. The Complement to Sun Zi's Art of War - Gui Gu Zi's Diplomacy
  2. How Game Theory Explains Sun Zi vs Gui Gu Zi - Gui...
  3. The Original Spin Doctor - Gui Gu Zi on Open & Close
  4. The Simple Key to Mastering Your World & Increase Your Power According to Gui Gu Zi
  5. The Persuasive Dialogues for Being the Best Lawyer.Gui Gu Zi 2.
  6. Progress Comes from Getting Your Proposals Adopted - Gui Gu Zi C3 Shows Us How
  7. Detect & Fix It Before It Cracks Up by Gui Gu Zi C4 Overcoming Crack.
  8. Bait first and then Catch is the Better Way says Gui Gu Zi C5
  9. Maximizing Your Persuasive Power with Gui Gu Zi Chapter 9 权篇 Power
  10. Strategizing and Problem Solving with the Wisdom of Gui Gu Zi Chapter 10 Stratagem
  11. Wise Decision Making with Gui Gu Zi Chapter 11
  12. Nine Keys to Management Excellence - Gui Gu Zi's Chapter 12 Addendum
Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom Series:
  1. Sun Zi vs Gui Gu Zi - GuiGuZi's Wisdom#1
  2. How Game Theory Explains Sun Zi vs Gui Gu Zi - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#2
  3. The Universal Principle of “Open & Close” to Mastering the World - GuiGuZi's Wisdom#3 C1 捭阖
  4. Knowing Each Other Through Conversations - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#4 Chapter 2 Response
  5. Selecting & Partnering for Long-Term Success - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#5 C3 内揵 Inner Bonding 
  6. Incremental or Disruptive Innovations? Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#6 C4 抵巇 Fix It
  7. Catching & Retaining Talents - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#7 C5 飞箝 Fishing
  8. Getting Agreement Despite the Differences - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#8 C6 忤合 
  9. Actions For Your Planning - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#9 C7 揣篇 Appraisal
  10. Discovering Inner Desires - Gui Gu Zi's Wisdom#10 C8 摩篇 Probe 

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Thanks for the explanation & application example, 文言文 old written Chinese is too hard to understand even for a Chinese person