06 March 2011

Bird Flu and iPad Sales are Same 59渙 Dispersion – Spreading & Its Management

Bird Flu and iPad sales are the same according to Ancient Chinese. Where is the similarity? They are both spreading quickly. I-Ching has a hexagram 59渙 Dispersion – Spreading & Its Management that describe the spreading and tell us how to handle it. For the good things, like any good innovation, represented by the iPad, we want to spread them quickly so that many benefit. For bad things, like the bird flu, we don’t want them to spread. We need to isolate them and keep them far from the people. Below is the summary teaching (the details are in the above linked article that need subscription):

Summary of 59渙 Dispersion – Spreading & Its Management:
How can we spread quickly and widely. Here are the keys:
  1. A Strong Core: Must be anchored on principles centered.
  2. A Soft Exterior. It influences by winning the heart rather than forcing its ways.  Following rather than overcoming is faster and easier to spread. Meeting the needs rather than forcing what one think is good.
  3. A Iconic Symbol or Branding. It is better to have a iconic object and example like the temple to lead.
  4. Dispersion of bad like flood waters or disease need to be controlled. It is best to isolate them.
Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Diffusion of water (floods) contained. We have to use productive resources to contain the diffusion and minimize the damage.
  2. Diffusion of water(floods) reaches the edge. Make sure our preparation and structure are adequate to handle.
  3. Diffusion of Self. Breakaway from self-interest. Wider mindset allow us to impact more people.
  4. Diffusion of Interests. Breaking of many diverse interests groups and regroup into shared Community.
  5. Wealth Diffusion. The accumulated wealth of the King/Government is dispersed.
  6. Diffusion of Blood. Learn from past injury and stay far away from harms. Isolate disease to prevent spreading.
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