06 March 2011

Must Read for the Successfuls

Successful people has resources, capabilities, reputations, influences, connections, etc etc. i.e. All the ingredients for them to be proud and beyond criticism. Hence, there in lies the danger.

Learn from the Classics of Chinese Wisdom Classics – I-Ching. I-Ching Part 46 43 夬 Breakthrough – Power with Caution

43 夬 Breakthrough- Power with Caution

Here is a quick summary:

We are to use our strengths and resources to bring benefits to others and not to bully or exploit others. The use of force should be the last resort. Use wisdom to gain harmony and support. Be decisive but not proud so that we can use our strengths wisely. Proud and thoughtless use of strengths bring disaster. Wise use of strengths bring lasting results and good ending.
Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Do according to our strengths and try not to go for glory too early and end in failure.
  2. Practice and get ready for any unforeseen situations.
  3. We do things that others shy away from. With care, we overcome some difficulties and succeed.
  4. Expand but take heeds from others. Don’t cross boundaries.
  5. Be persistent in walking in the righteous middle-way for long term success.
  6. Have check and balance accountability. Listen to warnings.

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