06 March 2011

Ancient Chinese Bible of Grace & Truth

Can you guess what is the Chinese Bible of Grace and Truth?

If you say it is the Lao Zi’s Dao De Jing (道德经), then you are right.

For Chinese educated people, we tend to group Dao De 道德 as one group and it means moral virtue.

However, in the translation of Dao De Jing, it is broken into 2 parts, the Dao道 (The Way) Chapters 1 to 37, and the De 德 (Power) Chapters 38-81.  The Way is actually the Way of Truth. It is the Way of the universe.  De德 in the dictionary gives meanings of virtue, moral character, and integrity and also means kindness, favor, grace, and power. Dao is just the truth. De is the attainment, or the power or character of the truth that one has. The correct Biblical definition of Grace is more than just God’s favor. It is the empowerment of God to enable us to do the things that we should do but could not do by or for ourselves. Grace is God’s Loving Power for You to Become Your Very Best.

In summary, Dao De Jing becomes Truth & Grace Bible, the Chinese version.
If we study Dao De Jing very carefully, we will learn that it begins with the Way (of Truth) that could not be expressed fully. It stresses following the Way rather than insisting on doing things our own way (Adam wanted to be his own judge of right and wrong rather than follow God’s way).  It stresses doing the right thing and not counting the gains or losses. It talks about doing things without seeking own honor and glory etc.

Lao Zi’s stress on no action (无为), or more correctly, no interfering fleshy actions and just following the Way is like the Grace-based doctrine of the Calvinist. Confucius, Kong Zi 孔子’s stress on education, modification of bad behavior to good behavior, and cultivating good conduct, is very much like the sanctification and work doctrine of the Armenians.  Hope you find it interesting.

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