06 May 2011

Learning about Learning from Ancient Chinese

Learning begins with reading one article at a time. But after a few related articles, we need to integrate them together to get a better picture of the subject about which we are learning.

The following four postings in Ancient Chinese Classics contain materials about learning:

  1. Understanding The Great Learning DaXue in One Minute
  2. Understanding The Doctrine of the Mean in One Minute
  3. Learning Innovation from Confucius - The Series
  4. I-Ching Hexagram #20观 Observation  (need registration)
1. Learning is about Development of the Total Man

The Doctrine of Great Learning (DaXue) started with 3 objectives of learning:
  1. Promote the Way of Righteousness and Virtue
  2. Transform People into New Man
  3. Stop at Utmost Goodness
The 8 steps of Great Learning begins with Study of Things, to Self-Development, Family, Country and Peace for the whole World.

2. Virtues without Learning is Harmful
Here is the integrated mind-map about learning from the Chinese Classics with the virtues topic expanded:
3. Attitudes of Learning:
The most important word is FUN. Learning itself is fun and joy. It is not difficult. It will enable the other attitudes of tired-less learning, humility in learning, mastering the subject, self-renewal and so forth as depicted in the mind-map below. Learning is the way out of poverty and breaking free from entrapment.

4. Objectives of Learning:

5. Methods of Learning:
6. Learning in Groups:
Don't just read one article a time. Create a mind-map, a giant one perhaps, and integrated the concepts learn. Each new article adds to the existing knowledge that you have. There is much effort needed to integrate the new learning into your existing knowledge map. But that is how true learning take place - by refining or integrating to form new knowledge.

Lim Liat copyrighted May 2011

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