06 March 2011

Dummy’s Rules

I am learning to be a dummy, at least in the use of things.
More people should learn to be or think for the dummy.
Then all our lives will be stress free.
We will have greater productivity.
We will protect the environment too.
Because all these important things, ease of use, great productivity, environmental friendly things, would have been built into the offering that me, the dummy, uses.

Dummy’s Golden Rule is “minimum effort with maximum returns”.
I want to spend the least effort to learn something and yet get the most benefits out of it using it.
I don’t want to stress myself in learning and then doing the thing that I need to do.
Everything should be so obvious that I don’t need to learn to use it.
It should so effortless as switching on a switch or pushing a button.
It should have remote control capability.
Better still, it should just hear my commands so that I don’t have to bring any gadget with me.
I can travel light and still have all the power with me.
It is like having a personal Genie with me.
If you are coming out with a innovation or an offering for me, the dummy, to use and benefit, you should follow the following rules:
  1. Everything should be obvious for me, the dummy. I know straight away which button to press to get what I want.  There should not be any training required. There should not be any reading of Instruction Manual. To make it clearer. A child should be able to use it.
  2. Choices are bad, it confuses me.I just want to press the only one button that I need to press. So, there could not any possibility of making a mistake – a wrong choice.  This will help me to be stress free.
  3. I should not need to remember any thing as all to use it.
    Whatever that I need, should be there at my command.
  4. No or little effort is needed.
    I should not have use much strength to do it. I should not need to move to use it.
  5. Will someone else help simplify the above list so that other dummies can benefit from it.
  6. People should build devices with the Dummy’ rules for dummy to use to enjoy life now.
More people should learn or think for the dummy.

Then all our lives will be stress free and with great productivity with protection for the environment.

Help me improve to think like a dummy.

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