06 March 2011

Globalization to Ancient Chinese

China is a big country. It is not a uniform place even though the country is united. Much thanks to Ching Wang Ti for unifying the Chinese Character set. But different parts of China still speak differently reflecting the diversity of Chinese Culture. I-Ching is written before Ching Wang Ti unification effort so you can imagined the greater diversity then. China businessmen travel across the country for business and so they have much to tell us about doing business in foreign land – the equivalent of our present day globalization.

The hexagram that teach about globalization is aptly called Travel, as in I-Ching Part 60 56旅 Travel – Explore New Opportunities. The details are covered in the article that need subscription. A quick summary is presented below.

Summary of  #56旅 Travel – Explore New Opportunities:
The icon for Hexagram #56 Travel is fire on the mountain. With fire on the moutain, it is only natural that we need to move away fast or travel to another place.

Traveling to explore new opportunity requires  wisdom, carefulness, and expedient decision makings. Be happy with small gains and successes. Need to stay in righteousness and follow the culture of the new place.

Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Travel with care. Don’t bring too much funds and don’t show off your wealth else calamity.
  2. Travel with sufficient fund to find and hire good local staff to help us.
  3. Travel with taking good care of the local staff. Else, there could be danger.
  4. Travel and stay in a rental house. We make enough to cover operating costs. Strife for better performance.
  5. Travel and shoot higher. Try to achieve a high target with some investment. The effort of trying will attract attention and success eventually.
  6. Travel and uprooted. Make foreign place new home. It is a big decision. Don’t decide too quickly else disaster. 
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