01 January 2023

Life Quotes for a Joyful New Year 2023

 A friend shared a video with compilations of good quotes. 

Since this is the beginning of the New Year 2023, we may want to start it with some good words of wisdom. So I did a mind mapping and grouping of the quotes for living a joyful life. Here it is:

A fruitful and blessed new year 2023 to all.
For my young friends, the very best for your careers and business pursuit but not forgetting a balanced life.
For my more mature friends, good health, ever learning and setting longer-term goals.
For all, good relationships and peace of heart and mind.

Someone shared another quote,

"Never blame anyone in your life:
Good people give you happiness The bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson. The best people give you memories."
Since it is a mind map, I can easily add it.
So we get:

Hope you like mind mapping too.
Lim Liat updated on 13-1-23

New add-on: 16-1-2023
1. Education is the bronze medal, ability is the silver medal, the network of people is the gold medal, and mindset is the trump card.
2. A successful person wins not at the starting point
but at the turning point.
3. Don't live in the mouths of others, 
don't live in the eyes of others, 
but hold your destiny in your own hands.
4. Little cleverness is tactics, great wisdom is strategy; 
what little cleverness sees is sesame seeds, what great wisdom sees is watermelon.
5. You must ask three questions in life:
1. What do you have; 
2. What do you want; 
3. What can you give up.
What you have is an evaluation of your current situation.
What you want is to clarify your goals.
The most difficult thing is that I don't know or dare to give up anything! No one can get anything without giving up.
The consolidated mind map: