06 March 2011

Beauty, Youthfulness & Long Life from Ancient Chinese

Do you know Ancient Chinese also pay much attention to Beauty. How to create the wow factor. It also teaches about how to preserve youthfulness and have long life.  Beauty and gracefulness is covered in Hexagram 22賁 Adornment – Gracefulness.

Youthfulness and long life is about nourishment and covered in 27頤 Cheek – Nourishment & Self-Reliance.

Let me just give the summaries below for your consideration:

Summary of 22賁 Adornment – Gracefulness:
Adornment is about enhancing what is right – static appearance and gracefulness in behavior. It is a dynamic interplay of gentleness and strengths, hardness and softness. It is adorning of the outer beauty that reflects the inner beauty. One must take note in adorning the inner character as well as the outer look and right behavior.
The stage lines give us additional wisdom:
  1. Make-up and Behave according to your position(standing) and the occasions.
  2. Grow with gracefulness.
  3. Righteousness is great beauty.
  4. Simplicity and purity attract.
  5. Simplicity in one’s possessions too. Don’t be burdened and stressed out by your possessions! Slaves are not associated with beauty. Don’t be slaves to your possessions. Be master over your wealth.
  6. Gracefulness from inner beauty without adornment is most powerful.
Here is the teaching about keeping your Cheeks smooth, red and puffy!

Summary 27頤 Cheek – Nourishment & Self-Reliance
We develop ourselves two ways – our character and our body. We develop our character by doing the right and wise things and exercising self-control (especially over talking) and discipline. We develop our body, keeping them healthy and youthful by taking care our eating and drinking. We also care for others by working with and developing talented people to contribute to the society.
More teachings from the stage-lines are:
  1. Be self-reliance and not expect a handout. Strength comes being independent and not begging.
  2. Develop your own capability and don’t expect help from the top. Carrying favors is a stressful thing.
  3. Don’t waste 10 years of your life, change now! The beauticians say protection of your skin should starts from youth. The older you get the more difficult is the repair and recovery job.
  4. Develop others to accomplish worthwhile goals. As in the above Hexagram, joy comes from helping others.
  5. Don’t take up project beyond our ability. We can still contribute.
  6. Master development of life through overcoming danger. Ready to take on big projects. Someone says as you grow older, you plan even longer. Do not plan for a retirement without activity. You die faster. Live like you have more years to go and you will.
See Ancient Chinese Wisdom for more goodies.

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