28 August 2021

The Winners Mindset for this Pandemic:

To Vaccinate or Not?

Do you want to be a winner or a loser?

I was teaching Sun Zi's Art of War for the last two days. The following thoughts about vaccinations came to mind...

孙子兵法 The Art of War by Sun Zi
8v10 故用兵之法,无恃其不来,恃吾有以待之;无恃其不攻,恃吾有所不可攻也。

The principle of warfare is "not to count on the enemy not coming but to count on we are ready for him; not wishing that he attacks not, but that we are well defended all round.

So, we cannot rely on the wishful thinking that the virus will not infect us, but rather, we can rely on we are already vaccinated against the attack of the virus. Vaccination is the winners' mindset of readiness against the virus. Not vaccinated is wishful optimism of the loser mindset.

Lim Liat(c) 28 Aug 2021