06 March 2011

Retreat According to I-Ching

Just complete the 33 遁 Retreat – Withdrawal to Recover Hexagram. It means I am more than half way done in my interpretation of I-Ching.

Most people think of retreat or withdrawal as a shameful thing and continue to pour in resources to save a lost cause or lost business.  According to I-Ching, at the right situation and time, 33-Retreat is the wisest thing to do. In the famous Chinese’s 36 Tactics, Retreat or Walk-away is the ranked as the highest! It is only shameful and bad if we run away in fear and panic. Properly planned and executed, Retreat is the right way to preserve strength for the big push when the opportunity open up in future. Remember that all situations are temporary even though at that time it may look permanent to us. Your time will come. In the meantime, you may have to retreat to recuperate, to get ready for future. Just accept and live at peace with yourself and others.

Here are the wisdom of I-Ching in 33-Retreat.

Retreat is a good option at the right time when the ‘attacking forces’ (competitors) are much greater. Conserve your strengths and maintain your disciplines. Strikeout at the right opportunities and go into hiding again. i.e. employing guerrilla’s tactics.

Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Respond in time and not at last moment
  2. Fear not. Be determine and don’t give up because of the challenges.
  3. Keep the good staff
  4. Accept the Retreat.  Be at peace with self and others.
  5. Celebrates successful Retreat. Retreat intact.
  6. Freed and able to see clearly and move quickly.
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