31 May 2020

Living a Life without Regrets - Re-mapping from Bezos' 10 Choices

Want to live a life without regrets?
But definitely not too late for the young people among us.
Here are 10 Questions from Jeff Bezos, the richest man now of Amazon...
I regrouped and rephrased the 10 questions into two groups and hopefully make it easier to understand and remember...
I hope you can also see the benefits and power of doing mind mapping.

Imagine how it would look like if I join it to previously accumulated wisdom...

Are You Prepared for Growing Old?

Are you nearing 60 in age?

Or are you above that already?

How to grow old gracefully...

I did a mind-map for it.

And I can summarize it as:
  • Don't be too self-centered.
  • Just be grateful for your life and others around you.
  • Plan to help or make others happy will make you happy too.
    (That's the paradox of happiness.)
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