06 March 2011

How Much Better You Need?Just a little more says Ancient Chinese

How Much Better Do You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition?
Just a little more says the Ancient Chinese in 62小过 Little Excess – Taking Heed & Standing Out (subscription needed).

Don’t be at the bleeding edge and be loosing a lot of money, but just a little bit better in the leading edge making the extra margins that your competitors can’t. (e.g. Apple – little better in ease of use, touch, style, etc. Nothing earth shaking, sometimes even purposefully less to make it easier for dummies, but always a little better than you think,…)

The Secret of Delighting Customers
Not by spending a lot of money. Just a little more of this and that,  that exceed his expectation. A little bit more is a pleasant surprise. Too much could be a rude shock.

The Secret of long term Success
Just giving a little bit more of respect, honor, comfort, understanding, and cost saving….
What is the little more that you can afford to do, to make the life of your spouse, colleagues and company better?
Do it and be rewarded!

Little more to Little Mistakes
Of course, all of us make mistakes. But learn from making little mistakes rather than wait till they become big mistakes. … here is the summary of that ‘Little More’ wisdom:

Summary of Hexagram 62小过 Little Excess – Take Heed & Stand Out
  1. For the righteous and good things, do a little more than expected. It will create delights.
  2. For the bad things, correct the little mistakes before they become disaster.
  3. Be watchful the little signs of deviations from normal, they are alerts. Take heed.
  4. Follow the trend, just stay a little ahead of others, to be in the leading edge. Excessive ahead is called the bleeding edge of big losses.
Wisdom from the Stage Lines:
  1. Bird flying. Heed the signs of danger pending. Be watchful of small deviations from norm.
  2. 2nd best opportunity is still good. Work on it.
  3. Did not take extra care and got injured. Learn from it and wise up. Next time do a little more.
  4. Opportunity but have much risks. Consider carefully before proceeding.
  5. Large but not productive or profitable. The boss needs to take little more effort to seek out and hire the talented people to help.
  6. Higher than what bird can reach. That is way over board. It will ends in disaster. Come down from your height and be more realistic .
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