06 March 2011

Relationship Building According to I-Ching

Have been working at coming out with my interpretation of I-Ching and just completed two interesting hexagram relating to successful relationship building.  There are 31咸 Affection – Engage Emotionally and 32 恒 Lasting – Permanence . Relationship begins with engaging emotionally (31) and then making it permanent (32).  The advice for building emotionally engaged relationship is  (abstracted from the postings referred above and adopted for man-woman relationship) are:
  1. Starts with a small stirring of heart.
  2. Don’t move yet, wait for greater support. (See the other signals)
  3. Move correctly and not follow the crowd in the sub-standard ways.
  4. Don’t hesitate in doing the right things openly. Others will know your intention and stay away.
  5. Boldly continue to the end. Complete the transformation (engagement).
  6. Proclaim and celebrate success. Don’t be shy about it. (wedding)
Making the relationship permanent are:
  1. Break big vision into smaller steps. Move step by step. (Don’t propose on 1st date!)
  2. Be clear of your mission and values, then boldly continue. (Respect)
  3. Don’t yield to pressure or temptations, stay on the right ways. ( Don’t cross the lines).
  4. Be patience, stay put and wait for the opportunity. (Right time for Proposal)
  5. Don’t be man or woman pleaser, stay on to righteousness. (Giving in creates regrets of life)
  6. Build permanence in righteous behavior from the top. (Man takes the lead and responsibility for a good family).
You can also apply the above to business partners, and colleagues to build successful relationships that last.

I-Ching 31-64 Hexagrams are about people to people relationships. Hope I interest you to discover the wisdom of the Chinese Classics.

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