20 June 2011

Guided by Templates - Fast and Secured Problem Solving

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When we have observed or done our tasks a few times, we will soon see a patterns. It will be great that we capture those patterns in mind-maps so that we can re-use them whenever we need. Such captured patterns are what I called mind-map templates. Mind-map templates when re-used give us productivity and also help us to be mistakes-proof. Even pilots and doctors use a simple check-list to ensure the essential things are taken off.

Our templates can also be upgraded, i.e. improved with new knowledge as we use them so that we get better and faster at decision making and problem solving. This is the method that our knowledge are retained and our learning increase over time.

You should create a index mind-map to point to all your mind-map templates so that you can easily locate them for your use. Here is an example:

Here is a Fishbone mind-map created with xmind (see xmind.net) :

There are many mind map templates available on internet. Do a Google search on such things like six-hats, SWOT analysis etc. You can then modify them for your own specific use.

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