18 September 2011

Yin-Yang Thinking Framework - Building Upon the Great Teaching

My brother sent me an email on
"The Way to True Happiness in Life---8 Chinese Words"

Translated: Forget about oneself, handle things with humility and gentleness (as if empty).
The Illustration



人生如何体验?只有一个办法,就是指出其自相矛盾. 请参考 傅佩荣的

Translation (in meaning only):
When on a boat crossing a river, you are hit by a boat. If the boat is empty, we will not be angry if even we are bad temper. However, if there is a person on the boat, we will break out with hurting words.
So, if only we can stay with this concept of 'empty boat' to handle things in life, we will never have a fight with another. This is about forgetting oneself, or our self-interests.

Because of the existence of me, there is, therefore, a concurrent existence of you. Between you and me, there always will be a comparison of strong and weak, good and bad, success and failure. If we are not such self-aware and not insistence having my way, then we can make ourselves as if non-existence, no form nor shape, then we can meet up with whatever situations and be at peace, and be joyful with little things such as seeing fishes and share their joy of swimming freely.

How cane will experience life? There is only one method. That is to point out the contradictions.

The question I had was whether I can build on this and discover other things.

I recalled the I-Ching Yin-Yang thinking framework. See Yin-Yang Thinking Framework - Innovative and Critical So, I will like to apply it and try it out.

Here is the Chinese Version:

如果我们用华人易经阴阳的思考法, 那我们会这样来想:
1. 如果'我'是阳. 我的对比不是'无我' 而是 '他人' 或简短的 '他'
2. 那么更深一层的思考是 要想到'他人'的利益或好处.
3. 把'船' 改成 '车' 来用到现今的时代. 那我们的故事可以这样:
4. 在繁忙的马路上, 被别人的车撞上, 如果是救伤车, 里面还有病人, 我们就不会很生气. 我们会尽快解决, 或者甚至算了, 叫他们快走.
5. 顾及他人, 损己利人 是易经 41 损卦的教导.  助人为快乐之本也!

Application of Yin-Yang Thinking Framework
  1. We find the two poles. The opposite of 'I' is not "no I" but 'others' or at least 'Him'. 
  2. So, we do not just forget about our own benefits, we should think about the benefits of him or others.
  3. We update the means of transport from boat to car. 
  4. In a busy traffic, if we are hit by a car, we will be upset. But if we are hit by an Ambulance carrying a sick person in an emergency, we will want to quickly settle the issue and get the ambulance on its way. We may even forget about the damage to our car and wave the Ambulance off.
  5. The principle of happiness in life becomes "Caring for Others. Taking from Oneself and Benefiting Others". This is, in fact, the teaching of I-Ching Hexagram 41損 Decrease – Give, Invest, Less is Better(need to register). Or see Less is More 41損 Decrease' It is a common proverb that helping others bring joy to oneself.
If you are a Christian, then the secret of happiness is "from Me to Him". Focusing on Him, Jesus Christ, our Savior, will bring joy to our heart. We have the famous hymn, "With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm!".  Most of the problems and suffering in our life is the focus we have on ourselves - our needs, our pride, our face and our hurt. True joy is found is shifting our focus "from me to Him"!

Lim Liat copyrighted 18 Sep 2011.

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