07 November 2016

The Greatest shall Serve All - DaoDeJing 66

He who wants to be greatest shall be the servant of all. That was what Jesus said in Mark 9:35, 10:43 and Matthew 20:26, 23:11. Lao Zi also said that in DaoDeJing 66 using the seas as an example.
DaoDeJing Chapter 66 Text and Translation

How can the rivers and oceans become the kings of all valleys? They are at the lower ground to collect all the waters from the valleys and hence they can be kings of all the valleys.

Similarly, he who wants to be on top of people must first lower himself to converse with the people.
He who wants to be the first must be at the back to serve the people.

Hence, the Sage can be on top but the people do not feel that he is heavy at all.
He is at the front to prevent any harm to his people.

Hence, the world is happy to follow his leading without complaints.

Because he competes not and hence there is nothing in the world that can compete with him.

First and Last - Is it a Contradiction
He who wants to be first and always competing and sabotaging others to get to be first will eventually find himself being rejected by others to become last. He who put others first and making sure the others are well served and cared for will eventually be supported and pushed to be first. Lao Zi tells us the secret. Make sure no one is feeling or bearing your burdens! When you lighten others burden, people will naturally come together with you as the leader. Leadership is not getting others to serve us. In which case, our weight is being carried by our followers. Who would want to do that for long and without rewards? Leadership is about getting others to share our mission together. If they also feel that your mission is theirs and you are helping to achieve theirs mission, they will willingly follow you. 

Jesus preached much about "the greatest shall serve all" and "the last shall be first and the first last". Jesus is agreeing with Lao Zi's teaching.

So, what kind of leader are you? Do your people carry you or you carry your people? Yes, being a leader is a lot tougher than just being a follower. But the satisfaction and accomplishment are much greater. If you are called to be a leader, learn to be a good one. Follow this teaching here --- serve to lead.

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