30 May 2015

The Effective Way of Learning - Sharapova Advice for Prodigies

Do you have an effective way of learning and accumulating knowledge? When we read good articles, what do we do with them? Here is an example from Maria Sharapova's Advice.

With the French Open Tennis going on, news about the players is many. Here is a very interesting one found. Sharapova advances with advice for prodigies.

Step 1. Do a Mindmap to capture her sayings.
Step 2. Go one step extra to distill what she is telling us. Put your understanding in your own words.
Step 3. You can improve the map better with highlights and punchy keywords.
Step 4. Integrate to your big mindmap of success lessons.

Here is the outcome of Step 3.

Here are the Key Lessons:

1 Most important things in Life are not tennis --- Find them.
2 Watch out for the Temptations! Have fun but have control
3 Get, Be & Listen to Smart Mentors --- Note the need to obey them.
4 Remember the foundational reason for your success.
    --- Don't ever forget the who, what & how for your success.
5 So continue to develop it.

Ancient Chinese Wisdom teaches us the same thing!

The advice from I-Ching to the Young Successful and the Old Successful is the same: 利见大人 ....having great people with you will bring blessings. ... i.e. always have mentors to guide and keep you in check. It is so easy for us to be blinded by our success, especially when we are so young.
Learning from "I-Ching" Part 04 1-乾 Heaven - Creative Force.

The mind-map for the Integrated Set of Principles for Success from various famous people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Li Ka Shing, Lao Zi, and from the Bible is:

Lim Liat (c) 30 May 2015

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