23 February 2018

Billionaire's Wisdom for Life Matches with Bible Proverbs 22

A comparison of Billionaire Terry Guo's sayings on the Wisdom of Life and Proverbs 22 of the Bible reveals great similarities and show that the wisdom of the Bible is still relevant and applicable today.

During this Chinese New Year period, I wrote Wisdom for Your Chinese New Year - Better than All Prosperity Wishes using the sayings of the billionaire Terry Guo, founder of Foxconn. A few days later, on 22 Feb, I studied Proverbs 22 and wrote 22 Principles for A Good & Successful Person from Proverbs 22.

This morning, I felt that I should compare the two mind-maps and to see if I could consolidate them and learn some new things and also for the ease of future reference. I am surprised that the two maps match well. I re-org and re-color the Terry Guo's map so that the similarities can be easily seen.

While the main topics are similar, the sub-branches give us more wisdom.

For example, consider "Prudence"

The Bible teaches us to see and escape danger, watch out and don't into temptations, and don't make promises we can't keep and don't be a security for anyone. Whereas, Terry advised us to think first before we speak, don't decide too quickly and don't prejudge a person. They are the all different aspect of Prudence that we should know and practice.  The same applies to rest of the main topics like relationship, righteousness, humility etc.

So, we can see that the wisdom of the Bible is still relevant and applicable today.

Lim Liat (c) 23 Feb 2018

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