21 May 2014

What is the Greatest Virtue? How does it look? Lao Zi tells us in DaoDeJing 10

What is the greatest virtue? How does it look like? Lao Zi uses a 'Good Parent' to describe it. There are four stages of giving birth, caring, teaching and letting go. He further uses 6 attributes to show how one with the great virtue behave. They are self-control, baby likeness, transparent purity, non-violation, motherliness and open mindedness. The details are covered in the mind-map below:
Lao Zi describes the great virtue of Dao in Dao De Jing Chapter 10. As usual, if we just read the text, we may still not get the deeper understanding of his teaching and miss the good lessons contained. Below is the mind-map that translates and interprets the meaning for you:

Hope you can spend the time to read the mind-map and gain the benefits.

Lim Liat (c) 21 May 2014

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