28 May 2014

The Way(Dao) is the Invisible Power Keeping the Creation in Order says Lao Zi in DaoDeJing 14

Understand The-Way(Dao) and you can master life. However, Dao is not physical to allow you to sense it and measure it. There is nothing to compare it with. Yet it is the Power that keep all things working in proper order. You can also know the Way of Dao through discovering such orders and then you can apply it to master this life.
Dao De Jing 14 Text, Translation and Interpretation:

Here is the mind-map:
DaoDeJing 14 Unmeasurable Greatness Of Dao
We usually use our senses to try to understand this world. That is the scientific method. It is but the basic step. But it is insufficient. Because by that sense method, what we cannot sense does not exist and there are many things exists beyond our senses.

Lao Zi tells us there is Power and Order beyond our senses and even beyond our language and mind. We can only understand in parts. Nevertheless, even with the little understanding of the working of the Way of Dao, we can master this present life. We can know what is right and wrong and how to manage this world better.

Lao Zi wrote 81 short chapters to describe the working of the Way(Dao). There is a book that precedes Lao Zi’s Dao De Jing that described working of the Way more systematically. It is the Book of I-Ching.
To know more, please see Manage Change with I-Ching, or Ancient Chinese Wisdom.
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