17 May 2014

Seven Attributes for Greatness without Fault by Lao Zi (DaoDeJing 8)

These seven attributes are not only the ones that help you become great but also about staying great. It is greatness without any fault. The seven are position of humility, a big heart, relating with kindness, communication with integrity, management with order, working with your abilities and acting on the right time. 
Here is the mind-map containing the original, my translations and extensions for becoming and staying great.

上善若水 ,水善利万物而不争,处众人之所恶,故几于道。 居,善地;心,善渊;与,善仁;言,善信;政,善治;事,善能; 动,善时。

 Hope you like it.

Lim Liat (c) 17 May 2014

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