05 June 2011

Re-Organizing Your Map where Real Learning Starts

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Now that we are back from our tea-break, we shall proceed to re-organize the ideas that we have captured. Knowledge is about understanding the relationships or associations between and among the ideas.

Types of Relationships/Associations Between Ideas/Concepts
  1. Definition - Is a
  2. Description & Attributes
    1. a descriptive statement 
    2. the other attributes
    3. it is good to show the similar and contrasting ideas.
  3. Classification - Hierarchical or Family Tree
    1. Go from Broader to Narrower concepts
    2. Go from Parent to Child concepts
  4. System & Its Components or the Whole-Parts.
  5. Cause and Effect.
  6. Event like a Meeting or an Incident - Using 5W1H.
The Mind Maps below give the examples:

Questions on Classification:
  1. Which concept is the parent or broader concept?
  2. Which concepts are the finer or child concept?
  3. If two concepts are on the same level, can you come out with a higher concept that contain both?
  4. Can you classify the concepts by time sequence? Which concepts come before or after which others?
  5. Which concepts are past, present and future?
Feel free to come out with new concept to group existing ones. Feel free to drag and drop concepts to change their relationships. During this process, you get to know more about the subject you are studying. You may also discover that you have others things that you need to find out and clarify. Clarifying our understanding shows that we get to know about the subject.

Don't worry at this point about the beauty of the mind-map. We can do that later. Think more about how concepts are related.

When you feel you have done a good job of classifying the subject of study then we can go the next step of beatifying the mind-map.

Next: Beautifying Your Maps to Create Gestalt - Ease of Understanding.

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