01 June 2011

Brain Storming with Mind Mapping - Illustrated with Future of Singapore

Former Minister George Yeo posted on his FaceBook page a photo of the result of a Brain Storming Session with some youth on the "Future Possibilities of Singapore".  The photo is perspective adjusted and shown below:

I posted a comment that the Brain Storming could be improved by using Mind-Mapping software for ease of capture of ideas, for organization, and for follow-up in the future. It is immediately available for distribution saving the need for an extra to transcribe, polishing the work, into another format, likely in a word file.

Being not a member of the discussion, I can only take a guess as to what the text means, and group some with the colors used. Shown here is my mind-map version of the photo. I may not be correct in the grouping, but the ideas can easily be dragged and dropped to be regrouped.

This electronic mind-map version provides greater ease of extension as you will never run out of paper! Greater ease of grouping topics and adding topics.  It is also quite obvious from reading the map as to where we could do more work.

You can see that Powerpoint, Word are just output tools and provides no help in your thinking. To extend your mind, use the proper tools. See mind extender - the killer apps after office.

There are many FOC mind mapping software available. The recommended are Freemind, Freeplane, Xmind. And if you want refinement into Concept Mapping, then there are Cmap and VUE. The above mindmap is from Mindmanager from Mindjet (need to pay). A super-duper more than mind-mapping software written by fellow Singaporean is Axon - It is an Ideas Processor. You can paint your ideas and then simulate, generate and compute, etc.

Here the mind-map is different software. It is good to know that they can accept the format of the more popular mind mapping software like Freemind and MindManager.

 In Xmind:

Freemind or Freeplane:

How to Start to Do Mind Mapping?
If you are convinced that you want to give mind-mapping a try, then follow me. Firstly, go to mind tools and install a FOC mind map software. If you don't know which one, just pick Freemind/Freeplane. We will use them for our posts.

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