17 February 2018

Wisdom for Your Chinese New Year - Better than All Prosperity Wishes

May we apply the wisdom to our lives that the New Year Wishes be turned into true blessings.
In this season of Chinese New Year, we would have received all kinds of wishes of prosperity, health, loving relationships, and a long good life. But wishes remain only as wishes until we acquire the wisdom and apply them to our lives. To know how to truly be successful in life, we turn to Terry Guo, the founder of Foxconn. May we apply them to our lives that the wishes be turned into true blessings.

The source of the article is 郭台銘:「如果你一生不想窮,遇事不要急於下結論!要學會大事化小、小事化無!」 | 業務講堂

Since it is in Chinese, I will translate it and re-organize it for easier understanding and application as in the mind-map below:

  • Prudence - Not Hasty
    • Think 1st before you speak. Don't reveal your inner self.
    • Don't be too fast to prejudge and draw a conclusion. Wait and Observe
    • Never Prejudge a Person. Only after his death can you know.
  • Relationship - Respect
    • Simplify. Make Big Issue small and small issue to nothing.
    • Respect Those who love you.
    • Remember those who praise you behind your back.
      Humble yourself more and don't overpraise others.
    • Value good encounters but don't reject bad encounters.
  • Righteousness - Cheat Not
    • Follow Principles of Right & Wrong and Don't do things to the extremes.
      Giving ways to others is actually clearing your obstacles.
    • Don't cheat others and don't be cheated. Get Wisdom
  • Avoidance - Stay Away
    • Distance Oneself from the Petty villain.
      Don't incur their wrath and also don't forgive them
    • Don't let your business problems affect your family and vice versa.
  • Generosity-Give Away
    • Money, only the portion spent belongs to you.
  • ToughnessBoldness
    • Have the boldness to take up and the forgiving heart to let go.
    • Be tough on yourself and often it may be better to leave than to stay on.
  • Humility-Learning
    • Don't take yourself too seriously and overvalue your importance.
    • Use your free time to develop yourself
    • Don't blow your trumpet before you succeed. After you succeed, others will know without your telling.
  • Health & Appearance
    • Men also need to preserve their look and health
    • Keep your external appearance to be tidy and clean
  • Observant
    • Don't let go of any opportunity to succeed
  • Ladies
    • Ladies must also be concern about their careers.
Lim Liat (c) 17 Feb 2018

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