07 June 2014

The Big Bang Theory, DNA and Lao Zi's Dao in DaoDeJing 21

Lao Zi encouraged us to study the signature of Dao that we may discover how it all begins so that we may follow its patterns for living. The Big Bang, Quantum Physics, Genetic Codes are probably hinted by Lao Zi. Let's look at it with an open mind.....

With the advancement and discovery of Science, we get to understand Lao Zi's descriptions of the Way of Dao better. The flickering, blur, deep, dark, mysterious take on greater meaning with our understanding of quantum physics, subatomic particles, big bang theory, expanding universe on the physical science on one hand and the DNA codes of the biological science on the other hand. Lao Zi encouraged us to study the traces of the Way to discover the origins of life and the universe. They did not appear randomly or just like that, but come through a process that we can study, appreciate its beauty and follow its patterns. The patterns are virtues for living. This is similar to I-Ching with its 64 hexagrams denoting 64 states of events but also represent 64 virtues as guides for man to live by.

Here is the mind-map for Dao De Jing Chapter 21 the Signature of Dao:

Lim Liat (C) 7 June 2014

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