21 June 2014

8 Keys for Sustainable Success by Lao Zi in Dao De Jing 22

How to sustain your current success? Lao Zi in DaoDeJing 22 gives 8 keys. It is easier to summarize them into one word - Humility for ease of recall. But knowing the details of the 8 pointers are keys. Here is the mind-map.
We can apply Lao Zi's teaching to my nation of Singapore. Few will disagree that Singapore is successful. But the cracks are showing. The leadership and the people must take heed to work together as before when we build the nation. Let's learn from Lao Zi.
Some people say that success is hard but sustaining it is even harder. So it is a popular saying that wealth does not last through three generations. There are a few studies to support that saying. In fact, many do not even last through the 2nd generation. What can be done to create lasting organization and personality? Lao Zi gives us 8 keys in Dao De Jing 22 and they are captured in the mind-map below:

The 8 keys are also the attributes of a lasting virtue called humility. There are other lasting virtues like love, joy, peace.  But the high level and high sounding terms like humility and love are easily misunderstood. Many people have different definitions for them. The 8 keys do provide the details to explain humility in a better light and also giving us the how-to for applications to create sustainable success.

Go through the 8 keys and list down what actions you can take to sustain your success. Else, to recover from failure will be a tougher job.

Lim Liat (c) 21 June 2014

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