13 January 2014

Words of Blessing for Year 2014 - Isa 43:19

The encouraging words of blessings for the New Year 2014 is from Isaiah 43:19. It is about God doing new things through you. Things that seems impossible becomes possible, the roads in the wilderness and rivers in the deserts. It is God who calls us by our names, forgives and saves us out of His own loving character and commissions us to be His testimony. Because of His love, He will discipline us that we may grow up and bring glory to Him. God's glory is revealed to others through us. So, lift up our head with great expectation, with God's enabling power, may we have a breakthrough 2014 to show forth His glory.
This post was mistaken posted in this mind-value blog. It was meant for my Christianity-Rediscovered blog. This post is at Words of Blessing for Year 2014 - Isa 43:19. Since I only discovered it after I tweeted it, I shall leave the abstract here.

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