25 July 2017

20 Truths of Life & You Must Choose the Right Response

Some Facebook friend shared the following post These 20 inconvenient truths about life are hard to admit but they'll change your life when you do - Hack Spirit. I thought it was important enough for me to do mind-map to capture the essence. However, I discovered some duplicates, 5 and 19, 7 and 20, and then some are related such as 3 and 17. On further thoughts, I don't agree with some of the suggested responses and so I put on my own.

Here is the result:

How about your own responses? What should you think you should do?

See also a bigger list at Truths of Life & How to Live It Well - Combining Two 20-Truths Lists

Lim Liat (c) 25-7-17

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