02 January 2016

A Word of Wisdom for the New Year 2016

New Year good wishes may encourage us but could remain as such, just wishes only.

But if you have some word of wisdom to live by, then such wishes can become a reality. 

One such word of wisdom is

Xun Zi said, "Winners use things but loser is used by things."

Zhuang Zi said,  "Use things and be not used by things. '
If thing=money.
Winners put money to good use whereas losers are enslaved by money.

Some spend all their time and money on their hobby... more and more golf sets, camera, or HiFi equipments and no time for family or friends.

Thing=career or work ...
More and more time spent on work and less and less time for other things.
Just one more promotion, one more better quarter, more revenues or profits ....

Review and take control over your life and be not enslaved for this New Year.

Lim Liat (c) 2 Jan 2016

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