12 September 2015

Conclusions from the Results of Singapore's GE2015

The result of the recently completed Singapore General Election 2015 shocked many people, especially the oppositions who had seen great attendances at their rallies and waves of support in the social media. The ruling PAP's popular votes went up from 60% in 2011 to 70% in 2015. They even won back a lost seat in Ponggol East and narrowed the gap to less than 1% against the opposition A-team in Aljunied GRC with their rookies.  What can we learned from such a shocking election? Here are my conclusions.
Conclusions from the Results of GE2015

1. Statistics is a powerful tools - Use it. 
This method have been used in past elections. But this time, the Election Department make it publicly available. The final results did not differ much from the sample results. You can actually go to sleep earlier as the predicted election result (the winners and losers, the % differ by less than 2%) matched the final result.

2. The winning formula is "Let the feet do the talking".
Those who spent more time, not just 9 days, but years, in connecting and serving the people win. e.g. TPL, Sitoh etc. Those who spend about a year or less, can gain some additioinal support, but not overcome the strong holds of the opposition eg. hougang, Aljunied.

The PAP went back to their root of connecting and working with the people whereas WP adopted the past PAP way. That was given by a commentator in Channel News Asia.

3. Other Contributing Factors:
such as Appreciation of LKY, SG50, Pioneer Generation Package, etc may help but I think the key is still point 2 spend years in doing the walking and not just talking.

4. What is the job of an MP?
The job of an MP is not just respresenting the people. That is too vague. It is connecting and serving the people in the short term and more importantly drawing up laws and policies that better the lives for the people in the future. The help that mp can give his residents in the short term can often be hindered by the policies. With better laws and policies that bring in the jobs, increasing the standards of living, the wealth to care for the needy etc, there may be less needs from the residents. This is what a Korean serial drama, "The Assembly Man", said. The job of an MP is to legistrate the right laws and policies for the people.

5. It is NOT over yet. It is the Start!
The election is not over. It is but the start. For the winners, they have to deliver their promises and gain the trust that the people have given them. For the losers, it is the starting point to lay the work for winning back.

6. The Check & Balance.
The check and balance for the ruling party is not just the existence of opposition parties. It is also through participating and giving feedback in all possibe ways .. in community work, volunteering services and even through social media tc.

And there is one more to come, the election of President, who holds the key to the national reserves and can say No. Some have already been laying the foundation work for such an election.

Finally, to all the winners, show the people that you truly deserve the people's trust. There are actually no losers but learners who will learn, work and to come back stronger to the challenge.

Lim Liat (c) 12 Sep 2015

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