30 March 2015

His Legacies Continue - The Voice of the Next Generations

After the The State Funeral of  our nation founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew, my daughter Jayne, wrote the following on her Facebook. I was very touched and impressed and have gotten her permission to share her post here. It gives me confidence that Mr Lee's legacies will continue. Below is her post:

The mourning period is over; now, we may fight again.

To those who upheld the man, who extolled his virtues, and pledged your unwavering support to him: fight to befittingly carry on his legacy.

To those who opposed the man, who criticised his faults (for what man is wholly without them?), and decried his approaches: fight to better the lives of those who have fallen through the cracks.

To those who are ambivalent, who feel nothing one way or another: figure out why you do not care, and what would make you care -- fight for that.

But this is not a fight opposing each other. It is not a fight to see which party is stronger, which group of people is more correct, or more popular. It is a fight for our nation, for our people, in which the only winner or loser can and will be the entire state of Singapore.

I challenge you, Singapore, to fight alongside, not against, your fellow Singaporeans. I challenge you to fight together, not separately, to improve our country. I challenge you to fight with the same goal and vision in mind, and to remember that everyone else around you is fighting for you too.

Now, we fight.                 
By Jayne Lim,  29 March 2015 

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