06 October 2011

The Secret of Great Innovation from Obama’s Tribute to Steve Jobs

I write this post to pay tribute to Steve Jobs for his contributions that change the world for the better. I think it is best to share his secrets of such success that we may see many more Steve Jobs in the future and make the world a better place. Most of us know of his technology contribution but he was a man who love his family as well. It was his wife who gave him the encouragement to start over again. (See Principles for Success from Steve Jobs’ Speech). The secret of great innovation that transform the world was actually well captured in Obama’s tribute to Steve Jobs. Here are the key points (reflecting Steve Jobs’ speech cited):
  1. You can start from the very bottom… “building one of the planet’s most successful companies from his garage,”
  2. Sense of Meaning and Urgency…”Steve was fond of saying that he lived every day like it was his last.”
  3. The Mindset – Think Differently …”brave enough to think differently”
  4. The Vision  to Change the World … “bold enough to believe he could change the world”
  5. Execution – just follow your heart and do it with passion … “talented enough to do it”
  6. The features that people really value:
    1. Make hard technology PERSONAL ….”"By making computers personal”
    2. Accessibility (to useful things – internet of knowledge and social connection), Mobility and Right Sizing – “putting the Internet in our pockets,”
    3. Make it Intuitive (Easy) ….
    4. Make it Fun … “he made the information revolution not only accessible, but intuitive and fun”.
    5. Make it a Story like experience… “”And by turning his talents to storytelling, he has brought joy to millions of children and grown-ups alike,”
    Here is the mind-map:

    In this world of ICT, there are two things of value:
    1. The Internet Cloud of information and connection.
    2. The Access to the Cloud.
    Either cannot stand alone. Accessibility to a cloud that lack content and connection is useless. Yet a cloud without accessibility cannot grow in content and connection. Making content creation easier, connection easier, and accessibility easier are all important contribution. May we have more Steve Jobs to make the world a better place of greater ease, connection and love.

    Lim Liat copyrighted 6 Oct 2011

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