11 October 2011

Are They Less Worthy than Steve Jobs?

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Today, Oct. 10 marks the 100th anniversary of the start of China's 1911 Xinhai Revolution, which ended 2,000 years of imperial rule and The fall of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

There were many young people, some just married, or with young babies, gave their lives up for the higher cause and benefits of a greater number of fellow citizens. Their revolutions were not successful. They were killed in battle or caught and killed. They therefore did not seem to make any impact on the world unless Steve Jobs who left behind many innovations that impact our lives. Nevertheless, they laid the foundational stones that lead to subsequent and successful revolution. Are they less worthy than Steve Jobs?

To understand what they had gave up, one of the revolutionist martyred left behind a farewell letter written to his wife. It was a letter that we had the privilege to study. Here is the reference http://www.lifeall.com/mem/1361/article-1689.ahtml
The English translation with more background info. Get your tissue ready as you read it. http://www.skypoint.com/members/tang/translations/linjuemin.html
More story about him and his family is in http://lin.bigan.cn/archiver/tid-1576.html. His house was later bought over by the grandfather of the famous female writer Bing Xin 冰心.!
A friend posted this reference Steve Jobs dead: Brilliant, yes, but he wasn't an Einstein
And I posted the following comment:
There is no need to rate who is greater since they are all along the chain of progress. Each one adds on top of the other and I can only say that all are great. Standing on others, as first said by Isaac Newton, and now clearly demonstrated by Steve, to bring what we know and created things that we never possible of, one more step further to better life, should be our aspiration.

The author, as I said frequently, is the limited either A or B mindset person. Technology impact us just with greater convenience but also change the way we connect and do things. Of course we all have to eat to live. We shall be doing the very same thing thousands of years from now. But we can eat warm food, get them almost instantly, and get our friends to join us with pre-planning, etc all which a touch of a button. The recent uprising and overthrown of government were made possible with technology. It is easier to get connected and grouped together for greater influence. It help keeps the government to be more transparent and open and to listen to the people. Our political, social, economic lives and well beings are changed by technology, especially by internet in the pocket.

On the other-end, the Einstein relative theory of the universal actually has much much less impact on the lives of people now than Steve Jobs iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad!

It is good to see where the contribution go to. Hence, I wrote on "What about the failures? Those to died in the unsuccessful Chinese Revolution of 1911. Are they less worthy than Steve Jobs?

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