20 September 2011

Gentleman and Villain According to Confucius

Confucius spent his life trying very hard to educate people about being good and the officials about good governing. Implicit in this effort is the existence of good and bad behavior, good and bad people, who are described as Gentleman 君子 and Villain 小人.

In any organization, we will find such people around and give us an understanding of the problems that we are facing. Here a summary list, in mind map format, of what Confucius says about Gentleman and Villain. If you find any more, please add them to the list.

The first thing we need to learn is that there are gentlemen and villains in this world and even in your organization and social network.

The second thing is that we need to discern who is who. 
Who is the gentleman and who is the villain. Jesus Christ tells us to go by their fruit. Confucius tells us to observe whether what they do matches up with what they say. St. Paul in his letters tells us much about these two groups of people as well.

The third and more challenging question is how can one change from being a Villain to a Gentleman. 
Is this possible? Confucius believed it can be done but concluded that it was very difficult for some. Jesus Christ tells us that knowing the truth will set us free. Hence, both of them spend their life teaching the Truth. Man is made up of body, mind, and spirit (heart at least). We need to address the three areas - feed the body, mind, and spirit. Believe in the wrong thing binds people (e.g. to be rich, one must be like a wolf, ruthless, and be selfish). We need to work on the hurts and also the inner spirit. There are things beyond us and we need the spiritual dimension to help transform people.

Nonetheless, there are things which we can learn and apply to bring a good result.

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