04 July 2011

The Simple 4 Dimensions Measure of Leadership Qualty

In the previous post Levels of Leadership - Can We Measure Leadership?
I presented Lao Zi's measures of the quality of leadership from the followers' reactions. That was based on feedback from followers. Could we have a feed forward model first?

In this post, I present a simple four dimensional model of the quality of leadership. The quality of a leader can be measured and compared on the four dimensions of Height, Depth, Length and Breadth. This is an update on Leadership from the post Strategies and Presidential Election - Bill vs Steve ?.

Leadership of Height, Depth, Length and Breadth

  1. Height: Our leader should be able to stand at a higher plane than us so that he can bring us to a better place. Einstein says "The significant problems we face can not be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."

    Height is about being able to stand above the circumstances, think above the line to take positive actions rather than trying to blame others and give accuses; being able to overcome obstacles and challenges.

    It is positive and optimistic. It response creatively rather than react negatively to challenges. It is about courage and boldness to stand up and be independent of the crowd. It is about innovativeness.

  2. Depth: At the same time, he comes down to our level to understand our problems and to be one of us. Yet, he is able to go even deeper to find the root cause rather than look at the superficial and the symptoms only.I It is about intelligence and insights. Seeing things and making things work. Depth see the root causes. Height provides the innovative breakthrough.
  3. Length: He is able to see beyond the present, and look into the future. He is able to give us a dream and paint a clear vision for us to be inspired and to follow. It is about the ability to seeing things before we even notice it. Worry before we do and then be happy after we are.
  4. Breadth: His heart is wide to be able to accept and appreciate and hold at the same time, the diversities of viewpoints, priorities, opinions, desires of the people.

    He go one-step further to integrate them for a win for all. He does not use threat to stop people from having different opinions. On the contrary, he believes in diverse opinions because the greater the diversity the better is the solution.

    The greater the participation, the better the solution and the greater the support for the implementation. He love rather than he fear. He draw out respect and willing support rather than force people to follow them out of fear. Fear results in minimum standard of achievement. Love surpass the minimum requirement.
Based on the four dimensions, the leader is able to create a better vision that incorporates innovation, integration of diversities, love and care for people, insightful, farsighted and foresighted to rally the followers.

Here is the visual map for greater ease of understanding. 

You can apply it to compare leaders and even yourself to see the areas for improvement in your leadership.

Lim Liat copyrighted 4 July 2011

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