09 October 2021

What Emma Raducanu can learn from Leylah Fernandez & Maria Sharapova

Raducanu just lost her first match after returning from her US Open win. It is usually what happened for many before her who just climbed great heights. However, the US Open runner-up Leylah Fernandez won hers to get into round three. She shared that she was lucky to meet Maria Sharapova, receive pretty good advice. She said she was not going to share those advice because it was very personal

Perhaps, she was not aware that Sharapova did share some good advice in Sharapova advances with advice for prodigies way back in May 2015.  I used it as a good example for mind-mapping and learning.  The post is The Effective Way of Learning - Sharapova Advice for Prodigies. Please refer to the post for her advice. 

I reproduced the key advice as follows:

1 Most important things in Life are not tennis --- Find them.

2 Watch out for the Temptations! Have fun but have control

3 Get, Be & Listen to Smart Mentors --- Note the need to obey them.

4 Remember the foundational reason for your success.

    --- Don't ever forget the who, what & how for your success.

5 So continue to develop it.

Emma had a good attitude after the loss and we are sure she will get back to the top very quickly. We wish both, Emma and Leylah all the very best in their tennis careers and we look forward to seeing them play.

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Don said...

Great blog with excellent advice. Please post more often!