08 June 2021

How to have joy in this depressing COVID-19 Locked Down?

The ancient Chinese Wisdom book, called i-Ching, the Bible of & for Change, tells us how.

Hexagram #58 兑卦 The Joy of Togetherness shows us how.
1. 兑 is about exchanging ;
2. Heart 心+兑 exchanging =悦 joy
3. Speech 言+兑=说 talk

Interacting and conversing with one another brings joy.

Ancient Chinese tends to equal 说 and 悦
Hence, the right kind of conversation, or conversing rightly, brings joy.
The hexagram gives us the following advice:

Check if your conversations contain such ingredients:
Joy comes from a strong principle-centered inner life (be your true self) and a soft and supporting exterior (be kind and speak with respect).

- It is a positive inner attitude that brings hope and joy to others. (How do people feel after talking with you?)

- Joy is about togetherness. It enables people to overcome hardship and life-threatening challenges with confidence and vitality. (Are you encouraging and helpful?)

- Learning and growing together bring joy. What wisdoms are being shared?

More details are given the six-stage lines which we can cover in the future.
So, though physically we can meet, we can still converse over Whatsapp, Zoom, etc.
Start your conversation with the right people and speak rightly as above advice. Have fun, joy, and learning.

Lim Liat (c) 8 June 2021

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