09 July 2018

Modern Science is Proving Ancient Chinese Wisdom

In this article, ‘Smarter, Faster, Better’: The New Science of Productivity, we find the following statements:
  • “Productivity begins with motivation; and motivation, according to the research Duhigg cites, begins with control — or more precisely, the location of control. Psychologists have been considering the question of our “locus of control” since the 1950s. Those with an external locus of control have a sense of life happening to them; they believe their lives are primarily influenced by forces outside their control. Those with an internal locus of control, by contrast, feel in charge of their own destiny and attribute success or failure to their own efforts. An internal locus of control yields vastly superior results. ”

Rule Out from Within:
Modern thinking, they even call it New Science, is just finding evidence to support the teaching of Ancient Chinese wisdom。 In fact, the original Chinese wisdom covers more. Ancient Chinese have always taught that people should rule out from within. 

Zhuangzi of Dao School 庄子: 内圣外王 Internal Saint to be External King
Mencius of Confucianism 孟子: 内修外治 Internal development to rule externally.

Confucianism has the following 8 Steps of ruling from self to the world.
See: Understanding The Great Learning DaXue in One Minute

Choose where You have Strength
Further on in the article, we find, "“Find a choice, almost any choice, that allows you to exert control.”

This rings well Sun Zi Art of War's teaching:
Sun Zi: Choose the battle you can win. Never fight for glory or pride or out of anger.
Stretched Smart Goals = 志向 Aspiration 
Aspiration is the teaching of Confucianism. In the Book of I-Ching, the root of Chinese Philosophies, the first hexagram is Qian or Heaven. Heaven represents the creative force with endless innovations.
天行健,君子以自强不息" Confucius commented on it as the Heaven is always creating and hence wisemen should do likewise, always motivating oneself to continue to create without end.

The general can lose his aspiration (he just lose the battle),
but a common man cannot lose his aspiration. (Aspiration is the purpose of living)

1. Know shame to have the right ambition/aspiration.
2. Work hard to achieve and fan the aspirations.
3. Learn and progress to keep/extend the aspirations.

“Productive people and companies force themselves to make choices most people are content to ignore.”

Lim Liat (c) 9 Jul 2018

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