15 May 2015

The Chinese Word for Know and Do

What is the meaning of the word in the picture?

Here is the story:

The Power of Chinese Language and Word:

Chinese word is an extensible language with much power in conveying meaning.

Let's take a example, the word for walk or do is xing.

If you move quickly, rush, creating momentum, then you are putting heavy weight or mass in walk so you get the word chon, meaning rush or attack.

To control the movement of a horse, you put a metal bit in the horse's mouth. The Chinese word for the bit is xian. Hence, if you do well and graduated, or if you do great work, people will give title known as 头衔 tou xian.

Now that you get the drift, what should be the word that cover both know and do ?

We know that just knowing without doing is not really knowing right? Consider swimming. You can know how to swim theoritically but you only know when you jump into the water and swim. So, truly knowing must have both, know and do. Know to do and do to know more. Know and Do together will result in good work which we call accomplishment or achievement or simply success.

The Chinese know this well and has a 4 word proverb for it as 知行合一 Know and Do united as one. So you will be tempted to create such a word as shown in the picture below. You can't find the word actually. There is no such word in Chinese not because they don't want to create one but because there is no need to. There is such a word already. It is , meaning gain, obtain, achieve.

in the oldest crafted on bone or shell form is represented by walking to the beach to pick up shell(which is like the coin, money of today). It coveys the concept of knowing where to go, how to search and walking and picking. It is the combination of know and do. To gain anything, you need to know and also to do to get it!

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