11 April 2015

Learning Creativity from a Math Puzzle

By looking at the answers for a math puzzle, we can derive some creative rules that we may use to solve other problems that we face in life.

Some friend on Facebook shared the following puzzle from http://9gag.com/gag/aWWv2bx?ref=fbp.
I cleaned up the photo a bit for clarity and show it below:

The Puzzle:

Learning from the Crowd:

If you scroll through the answers offered, we can find many interesting ones that seemingly solve the puzzle. Here are some answers that I find interesting:
(If you find any more answers, let me know and I will try to add in here. I did not go through the whole long list).
  1. You can't just go around asking white people questions designed for an Indian. 
  2. Impossible! 3 odd numbers can never make an even number. 
  3. The question is "can you solve it ?" Answer is "no" 
  4. Read closely and you will see it never stated fill in ALL the boxes... 15+15+[ ]=30 
  5. 1▢+1▢+1▢=30 
  6. 3! + 15 + 9 = 30  (3! is 3 factorial, which is 3x2x1=6)
  7. Nobody said we could not used the decimal point: 7.5+7.5+15=30 or 15.3 + 13.7 + 1 =30 
  8. Put in two numbers in a box as: [1+3] + [5+7] + 13 = 30 
Applying to the Real World:

The real world will be demanding you to solve such seemingly difficult problem.  So what and how should you do? 

Abstract one level higher from the above answers provided, I have derive the follow creative rules or principles from the answers, in corresponding order,  for better life or for your problem solving:
  1. Laugh at it and ignore it. Be happy. 
  2. Say it is impossible and do something else. 
  3. Examine the situation, you may have misunderstood or misread it. 
  4. Examine the situation, they are not demanding too much but you have.
  5. Look at it with a different perspective. Take a helicopter view. 
  6. Solve it with better technology and skills. 
  7. Introduce new ingredients. 
  8. Re look at the assumptions, are we over restrictive?
Now, are you facing a difficult issue? Apply the above 8 rules to your issue and hope you can come out with some good answers.

Lim Liat (c) 11 Apr 2015

If you want some more, here is a philosophical one ....The Power of Void - Emptiness is Useful said Lao Zi.

Here is my creative thinking method ...BVITS (Bvotech’s Innovation Thinking System)

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