04 May 2012

What Ancient Chinese Can Teach Us about Learning

How to share the most using the minimum of space?
Visual mapping is a good way. But it takes effort and many iterations to get the right one. Here is one with form and content. I hope you can learn something from it.
Learning from the Ancient Chinese about Learning: The attitudes, objectives, methods and learning in group. Tools can change, from bamboo sticks and sands to PC and iPad, but the other more important things like objectives, attitudes and principles that change not.
I am revising some of the slides for my course "Creative and Visual Thinking for Breakthrough Ideas". Some of my mind-maps extend through several slides and so reduces the impact of the visual mind-maps. An example is from my earlier post Learning about Learning from Ancient Chinese. You can see that I use 5 pictures, sub-maps, to show the 'Chinese Learning Wisdom'.

One of the present weakness of many mind-mapping software is the inability of the software to compact and squeeze the entire map into one page without wasting white-space. Novamind seems to be one the better ones that solve this problem.

So, after some revising and grouping of the mind-map, and hiding the less important details, here is the "Ancient Chinese Wisdom on Learning" in one page.

Hope you find this map useful.

Lim Liat (C) 4 May 2012

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